Freemasons of the Central Coast was established in 2008 from the dividends received from investments from the sale of Karagi Court Retirement Village at Bateau Bay.

Freemasons of the Central Coast may provide relief to necessitous persons within the Central Coast Community. For example, relief to aged persons, relief of sickness or disabilities of persons and assisting in the advancement of education as well as any other purpose beneficial to the Central Coast Community.

This site has been established for Freemasons and friends as a means of sharing information and media about our activities.

Freemasons on the Central Coast

Freemasonry is a large fraternal organisation that promotes moral and personal development amongst its members.

Its core values include caring for others, helping those in need and acting with honesty and integrity.

Karagi comes from the local Aboriginal language meaning the ‘the entrance or the way in’ and was the name of The Entrance until 1935. The word ‘Karagi’ was adopted as being the entrance into a new life.

In the 1960’s, a number of Freemasons met at the Gosford Masonic Centre to plan a solution to the increasing number of Masons living alone and who were losing their ability to live independently. At that time, the solution was to move into retirement villages in the Sydney area but many were most reluctant to do so because of family ties and friends on the Central Coast.

This group of Freemasons banded together to form the Central Coast Retirement Village, Bateau Bay. Upon advice from their solicitors, Karagi Court Ltd was formed, help from the Wyong Shire Council, and a substantial loan, this dedicated band in 1977 formulated a plan to build 10 units – the 1st stage of a retirement village.

On 20th August, 1978, the MW Grand Master Noel W. Warren unveiled a plaque to commemorate the completion of Stage I. In time, Karagi Court Ltd purchased the land outright, repaid the loan and build a further 52 retirement units.

In 2007, building regulations concerning retirement units changed and to include these building changes, Karagi Court Ltd was placed in a dilemma – raise considerable funds or sell. A committee was formed to investigate all aspects including the future of Karagi Court. In 2008, it decided to sell the retirement village and with the same company, develop a charity to donate funds to organisations on the Central Coast.

By the end of 2008, we had sold the village, developed a new constitution and at the beginning of 2009, we made our first donations to the Central Coast community. In the mid 2009, we asked the Lodges of the District to make donation recommendations which if approved, would be made under their name. The only stipulation was that a plaque had to purchased and erected acknowledging the donation from that particular Lodge to that organisation. Donations made by Karagi Court have been made in the name of Freemasons on the Central Coast.

From 2009, Karagi Court itself and through the Lodges of District 18 (now District 21) have donated more than $1,000,000 to the Central Coast community (being Central Coast Council area) in the name of Freemasonry.

Karagi Court History