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Events of 1066

Around Christmas 1065 AD ... Edward King of England becomes sick.

Jan 4th 1066 AD - The Death of Edward the Confessor (Edward had no heirs).

There are 3 claims to the crown:
- William King of Normandy (Normandy is an area in North Western France).
- Harold Harada – King of Norway.
- Harold Godwinson a Powerful English Nobleman.

There was an alliance between England and the Normans
- William claimed Edward the Confessor had promised him the English Throne.

Jan 6th Harold Godwinson is crowned King of England

All Summer Harold waited for William to invade ...

Then in September: Harold Harada – King of Norway lands in Northumbria with an invasion fleet of 300 ships

20th September - Harada King of Norway wins the Battle of Fulford Gate ... The English army is led by Tostig (brother of Harold of England)

- King Harold of England marches an army North to face the Invaders

25th September - King Harold of England wins battle of Stamford Bridge

(Near York) – Harada King of Norway is killed.

28th September William of Normandy land his fleet at Pevensey on the South Coast of England

- King Harold of England marches an army South to face the Invaders

14th October - William of Normandy defeats Harold at Hastings Harold was hit in the eye with an arrow ...

25 December 1066 - William of Normandy is crowned King of England

After this William begins subduing the North (England & Scotland).

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